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Terms and Conditions for purchasing goods or services from FuelCorp

By submitting a credit application and/or ordering goods and services (“goods”) from FuelCorp, you (“Customer”) agree that the following terms and conditions of sale shall apply to the supply. These terms and conditions replace any previous terms and conditions of sale. These terms and conditions create a security interest in favour of FuelCorp for the purposes of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.


‘FuelCorp’ means FuelCorp Fuels Pty Ltd ABN 64 605 166 443 and it assigns or successors and each corporation (within the meaning of that term in sections 9 and 57A of the Corporations Act) which is now or may later be taken to be related to FuelCorp (within the meaning of section 50 of the Corporations Act from whom Customer purchases goods and/or services (“the goods”)).


    1. Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by FuelCorp, where any terms and conditions of the Customer's order are inconsistent with these terms and conditions, then these terms and conditions will prevail. Any variations or additions to these terms and conditions not expressly agreed to in writing by FuelCorp are expressly rejected by FuelCorp.
    2. A quotation shall not constitute an offer to sell goods to the Customer. No contract for the supply of goods shall exist between FuelCorp and the Customer until a Customer’s order for goods has been accepted by FuelCorp (such acceptance of Customer’s orders may be made and communicated by FuelCorp in writing or by overt act of acceptance). FuelCorp may accept or refuse any order for goods in its absolute discretion and may make its acceptance of an order conditional upon it receiving a satisfactory credit assessment of the Customer.
    3. FuelCorp may vary these terms and conditions by notice in writing to the Customer (which notice may be given via FuelCorp’s website). The Customer agrees that goods delivered and/or ordered after the date of the notice of the variation will be subject to the variation and acceptance of the goods or the placing of the order shall be deemed to be an acceptance of such varied terms and conditions.
    4. Should there be any variation to any of the information supplied by the Customer to FuelCorp or in the structure or nature of the Customer’s business (such as a conversion to or from a Company or Trust) the Customer shall forthwith notify FuelCorp in writing within 28 days of the variation occurring.
    5. These terms and conditions and all obligations hereunder shall be binding on the Customer’s personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns and shall be for the benefit of FuelCorp’s successors and assigns.
  1. Customer acknowledges that credit will not be provided to it by FuelCorp until the Application has been reviewed and accepted by FuelCorp and FuelCorp has notified Customer that a credit account has been established; and FuelCorp may accept the Application subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions such as the requirement that securities or guarantees be granted to FuelCorp in such form as FuelCorp may require and confirmation that Customer will meet FuelCorp minimum order requirements for the opening of a credit account.
    1. Customer represents and warrants to FuelCorp that:
      1. it has taken all necessary action to authorise the execution of the Application and the performance of its obligations under the Application and the credit account will constitute legal, valid and binding obligations of Customer;
      2. all information provided to FuelCorp in the Application is true and correct; and
      3. it is not insolvent and is able to pay its debts as and when they fall due.
    2. Customer acknowledges that FuelCorp will be relying on the warranties in reviewing, accepting or rejecting the Application and continuing to provide credit to Customer.
    3. The warranties will be treated as being repeated each time credit is extended to Customer by FuelCorp.
  1. Customer undertakes to notify FuelCorp within 7 days of any change becoming effective which affects the information set out in the Application (including, trading address, legal entity or structure of management or control of Customer) and acknowledges that NOTWITHSTANDING SUCH NOTIFICATION it will continue to be responsible to FuelCorp until FuelCorp both accepts a further Application and discharges Customer from further liability under this Application.
  2. Customer acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions of Application for Commercial Credit attached to the Application (as amended from time to time) will apply to each order to purchase goods from FuelCorp.
  3. FuelCorp may WITHOUT NOTICE immediately suspend or cancel the credit account.
  4. FuelCorp reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions. Customer agrees that it will be bound by the altered terms and conditions seven (7) days after FuelCorp gives notice of such alterations which may be by a letter or facsimile attaching a copy of the altered terms and conditions, by issue of an invoice to Customer on which the altered terms and conditions are printed or such other manner as FuelCorp in its absolute discretion thinks fit.
  5. Customer must pay to FuelCorp and indemnify FuelCorp against all costs and expenses (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) incurred by FuelCorp in connection with default by Customer (or any other guarantor or indemnifier) under these terms and conditions, the Terms and Conditions of Sale or the enforcement of any security.


  1. FuelCorp reserves the right to vary the terms of payment including to require:
    1. payment in cash in full prior to delivery should the creditworthiness of Customer at any time become in FuelCorp’s opinion unsatisfactory; or
    2. immediate payment of all outstanding invoices and statements if there is a change in the control of Customer.


  1. If any payment is not made in full on the due date the Customer will be in default and, without limiting any other rights of FuelCorp (including to demand immediate payment), FuelCorp may:
    1. charge customer interest on the amount outstanding as compensation for the loss of its funds calculated from the due date of payment until payment is made in full. The rate of interest applicable is 12.5% per annum; and
    2. stop supply of the goods to Customer until all outstanding amounts have been paid in full.


  1. The Customer and FuelCorp agree that:
    1. this Agreement for the supply of fuel and other products will remain in full force and effect while FuelCorp is supplying the Customer.
  2. FuelCorp may review pricing at any time and at its absolute discretion.


  1. The Customer agrees that these terms and conditions create a PMSI and a general security interest in the goods (and their proceeds) supplied presently and in the future by FuelCorp to the Customer.
  2. The Customer agrees to do all things necessary and execute all documents reasonably required to register the general security interest and that PMSI granted by the Customer under these terms and conditions and to ensure that FuelCorp acquires a perfected security interest in the goods under the PPSA.
  3. The Customer will, upon demand, pay all of FuelCorp’s expenses and legal costs (on a solicitor/agent/client basis) in relation to or in connection with the registration of FuelCorp’s security interest and all other costs associated with protection and enforcement of FuelCorp’s security interest created by these terms and conditions or by undertaking an audit under the provisions of the PPSA, or the repossession of the goods the subject of these terms and conditions or the exercise, enforcement or preservation of any right or interest under these terms and conditions or any contract that FuelCorp has with the Customer.
  4. This PMSI does not lose its priority as a result of the renewal, refinance, consolidation or restructure of the subject matter of these terms and conditions and any purchase money obligations.
  5. Until ownership of the goods passes to the Customer, the Customer waives its rights under the following provisions of the PPSA, to the extent that it is permitted by law to :
    1. receive a notice of intention of removal of an accession (s95);
    2. receive a notice that FuelCorp has determined to enforce its security interest in accordance with land law (s118);
    3. receive a notice of enforcement action against liquid assets;
    4. receive a notice of disposal of goods by FuelCorp purchasing the goods (s129);
    5. receive a notice to dispose of the goods (s130);
    6. receive a statement of account following disposal of the goods (s132(2));
    7. receive a statement of account if no disposal of the goods, six monthly (s152(4));
    8. receive notice of any proposal by FuelCorp to retain the goods (s135(2));
    9. object to any proposal by FuelCorp to either retain and dispose of the goods (s137(3));
    10. redeem the goods (s142);
    11. reinstate the security agreement (a143); and
    12. receive a notice of any verification statement (s157(1) and 157(3)).
  1. To the extent permitted by the PPSA, these terms and conditions exclude any provisions of the PPSA which may be excluded in FuelCorp’s discretion and which would otherwise confer rights on the Customer.
  2. The Customer further agrees that where FuelCorp has rights in addition to those under Part 4 of the PPSA, those rights shall continue to apply.
  3. The Customer’s right to possession of goods still owned by FuelCorp under these terms and conditions shall cease if:
    1. the Customer being an individual, commits an act of bankruptcy,
    2. the Customer being a company, circumstances arise where a receiver, manager, administrator or controller becomes entitled to take possession of any of its assets, any proceedings are instituted for winding up, or the Customer entering into a Deed of Company Arrangement,
    3. the Customer ceasing or threatening to cease conducting business in the normal manner or applying for deregistration or receives a deregistration notice,
    4. any cheque the Customer provides to FuelCorp or any Group Company is dishonoured for payment,
    5. the Customer failing to comply with any demand for payment issued by FuelCorp or any Group Company, or
    6. the Customer breaching any of the terms and conditions contained herein and/or are in default of any other agreement between FuelCorp or any other Group Company and the Customer.
  1. The Customer expressly and irrevocably agrees that FuelCorp is entitled to enter any premises where the goods supplied by FuelCorp are located to repossess, remove and sell such goods. The Customer (its successors and assigns, including any external manager or administrator) shall not object to FuelCorp, or its agents, entering any premises for the purpose of this clause and agrees to indemnify and keep FuelCorp indemnified in respect of any claims, actions and costs that may arise against FuelCorp in relation to the removal, repossession and sale of the goods pursuant to these terms and conditions including any claims brought by third parties.
  2. The Customer agrees that repossession and retention of the goods pursuant to the PPSA will only satisfy so much of the monies which may become payable to FuelCorp by the Customer, as is equivalent to FuelCorp’s estimation of the market value of the goods as it is at the date of repossession and the repossession and retention will immediately extinguish any rights for interest FuelCorp has on the value of the goods recovered.
  3. Until ownership of the goods passes, the Customer must not give FuelCorp a written demand or allow any other person to give FuelCorp a written demand requiring FuelCorp to register a financing change statement under the PPSA or enter into or allow any other person to enter into the personal property securities register a financing change statement under the PPSA.
  4. The Customer agrees not to change the Customer name or undertake any changes to any documents that FuelCorp has registered, requires to be registered or are capable of being registered without our prior written consent of FuelCorp.

For avoidance of doubt, these terms regarding the PPSA apply even where the customer is a Consumer.


  1. Goods will be delivered or deemed to be delivered, when they are delivered to the delivery place nominated by the Customer. If no such address is nominated, then delivery will be deemed to occur at the time when the goods are ready for collection at FuelCorp’s premises or when pumped from FuelCorp’s bulk storage tank to a Customer.
  2. The Customer shall pay to FuelCorp packing, crating and delivery charges in accordance with FuelCorp’s current rates as at the date of dispatch. If there is no current rate, then a reasonable delivery charge shall be paid by the Customer.
  3. FuelCorp reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for storage if delivery instructions are not provided by the Customer within 14 days of a request by FuelCorp for such information.
  4. The Customer authorises FuelCorp to deliver products to the place nominated by the Customer and to leave the products at such place whether or not any person is present to accept delivery. FuelCorp shall not be liable on any basis whatsoever for loss suffered by the Customer after delivery to the nominated delivery place.
  5. FuelCorp shall not be obliged to obtain a signed receipt or other acknowledgment from any person at the nominated place for delivery but if a signed receipt or other acknowledgment is obtained from someone believed by FuelCorp to be authorised by the Customer to sign or otherwise take delivery, then such signed receipt or other acknowledgement shall be conclusive evidence of the Customer’s acceptance of the goods delivered.


  1. Property in the goods will not pass from FuelCorp to Customer until Customer has paid for the goods in full. Customer will take custody of the goods as trustee, fiduciary agent and bailee for FuelCorp until such time Customer has paid FuelCorp:
    1. the price for the goods invoiced; and
    2. any other moneys due and payable to FuelCorp by Customer in relation to the goods.
  2. Until payment in full Debts Customer must:
    1. not mortgage, charge, pledge or otherwise encumber the goods; and
    2. keep FuelCorp’s goods separate from any other goods and properly marked, stored, protected and insured.
  3. Customer shall have the right to resell goods, but only as fiduciary agent, trustee and bailee for FuelCorp by way of bona fide sale at full market value and in the ordinary course of business.
  4. In the event of the sale of the goods to Customer’s customers, Customer as fiduciary agent and trustee for FuelCorp must:
    1. hold all proceeds of sale on trust (‘Proceeds’) for FuelCorp and account fully to FuelCorp for the Proceeds (unless and until all Debts have been discharged) but need not hold on trust any money exceeding the amount of the debts at the time the money is received. Receipt by customer of payment in these circumstances shall be treated as conclusive evidence that it has received Proceeds.
    2. Customer expressly acknowledges that it is bound by the fiduciary obligation created in the preceding paragraph and acknowledges that:
      1. it must place the whole of the Proceeds in an account separate from its own moneys (‘the Proceeds Account’);
      2. it must maintain the Proceeds Amount separate from its own moneys at all times;
      3. it must maintain proper records for the Proceeds Amount;
      4. it must not assign or encumber the Proceeds or do any other act in derogation of FuelCorp’s legal or beneficial interests; and
      5. it must account to FuelCorp on demand for all moneys standing to the credit of such account.
  5. FuelCorp may appropriate payments as it thinks fit, notwithstanding any contrary appropriation by Customer for the purposes of identification of different consignments of goods purchased from FuelCorp and receipt of Proceeds, Customer agrees that the principle of “Last In, First Out” shall be applied to any items which cannot be distinguished.
  6. FuelCorp may trace the Proceeds in equity on demand assign to FuelCorp all book debts not exceeding the amount of the Debts at the date of demand.


  1. FuelCorp may at any time and without the need to give notice to Customer take possession of and resell the goods which remain the property of FuelCorp and for that purpose, Customer:
    1. authorises FuelCorp to enter any premises where FuelCorp’s goods may be situated and to use such reasonable means as may be required to enter such premises;
    2. undertakes to FuelCorp to procure the consent of all persons having an interest in the premises where FuelCorp’s goods may be situated to entry to the premises by FuelCorp; and
    3. indemnifies and will keep indemnified FuelCorp from all claims, actions or suits whatsoever arising out of or in connection with or in relation to the entry by FuelCorp to any premises where FuelCorp’s goods may be situated.


  1. If the Customer is not a Consumer,
    1. Unless agreed in writing by FuelCorp, FuelCorp will not accept the return of goods. Goods accepted for return by FuelCorp may attract a charge to recover restocking charges. The amount of this charge will be determined by FuelCorp.
    2. The proof of purchase from the Customer must accompany all goods returned to FuelCorp.
    3. All claims for FuelCorp’s failure to comply with the Customer’s order whether due to shortfall, contamination, incorrect delivery or otherwise must be made by giving written notice to FuelCorp within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery. If the Customer fails to provide such notice then the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods.
    4. These conditions shall not exclude, or limit the application of any provision of any statute including any implied condition or warranty the exclusion of which would contravene any statute or cause any part of this clause to be void. To the extent permitted by law all conditions, warranties and undertakings are expressly excluded.


  1. In respect of warranties and limitation of liability the parties,
    1. It is acknowledged by the Customer that the Customer is entering into this Agreement relying on the Customer’s own investigations and the Customer’s own assessment of the suitability of the goods for the use to which they will be put and, subject to clause 36(b), FuelCorp makes no guarantees, warranties or representations in relation to the goods other than those contained in these terms and conditions.
    2. Where the law applies guarantees, warranties or conditions to the supply of goods or services under these terms and conditions and FuelCorp is not permitted by law to exclude them, then those guarantees, warranties or conditions shall apply (but are otherwise excluded), provided that FuelCorp’s liability for breach of them is limited (at FuelCorp’s option) to:
      1. in the case of goods:
        1. the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; or
        2. the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods,
      2. in the case of services:
        1. the supplying of the services again; or
        2. the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again,

where this is permitted by law.

    1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these terms and conditions or any other document, to the extent permitted by law neither FuelCorp nor any of its Affiliates shall have any liability under or in connection with these terms and conditions, whether for breach of these terms and conditions, negligence or any other tort, breach of statutory duty or otherwise, for any:
      1. loss of profits, income, revenue, contracts or production;
      2. business interruption or increased costs in operations;
      3. damage to goodwill or reputation;
      4. damage to plant, equipment or machinery as a result of any late delivery of goods;
      5. indirect losses or expenses or consequential damage whatsoever, even if such loss, expense or damage may reasonably be supposed to have been in the contemplation of both parties as a probable result of the relevant default,

whether suffered by the Customer or any third party, and the Customer indemnifies FuelCorp (including their employees and agents) in respect of all such losses, costs, damage and expenses.


  1. Contracts will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Queensland and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of or exercising jurisdiction in that State.